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Friday, April 21, 2006

Having had enough pf Blogdrive (I've been here ages), I've decided to move on. You can now find me at: or just click here

Bye bye Blogdrive. It was nice knowing you *hugs*

Thanks to my loyal visitors and commentors. Please do not hesitate to visit the new site.

Oh, and if you have a link to this, please update your sites. (Also if you have 800 x 600 resolution, the new blog site will look funny)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Response to Questions

In response to the question/suggestion thing that I had promised to answer:

Kim: Write a list of 5 things you enjoy doing in London at the moment.

1. Running around taking photos of/ looking at the Spring flowers in bloom
2. (weirdly) Learning a lot of interesting theoretical concepts related to archaeology.
3. Just buming around, and chatting to people, and 'chilling'.
4. Eating chocolate :)
5. Listening to Rosie Thomas (and Tori Amos, of course)!

Mads: If you had the super-human power of super-fast reading, whose complete works would you read first?

Right now, Paul Bahn (because I'm going to fail my exams!), but normally, the work of Shrimad Rajchandra, or Mahatma Gandhi (his Autobiography is long!). But I don't think I would like to read work by only one person- I like variation. But right now, Bahn would be wonderful.

Steph: Give me the date of when you're coming back to perth whenever, so i can make sure i'm around.

Not to put too much detail on this, as I've already told you. I get back on 16th June, and staying until after Sass's birthday.

As for the the darker colour for the writing, that has been edited- I hope that's ok? If not, there should be a new layout sometime soon- with spring flowers!

I'm still waiting for a question from other people who have visited. No more suggestions, I think. But ask a question. ASK- I command it of you!

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Monday, April 17, 2006
The fuzzy, sour complicated feeling of weirdness...

My cousin left for South America on Saturday, and it's been slightly weird since. I suppose you can say we became closer over the past year (probably because I spent too much time at home over the weekends), but somehow, I can't regret that. Oh, I regret the fact that I did not socialise with people in my halls because I was suffering from that awful thing called 'culture shock' added on with moving away from the security of home and my struggles with insecurity. I'm not saying that things have changed completely- I'm still terrified of people, but perhaps I just find it easier to confront these fears. I learnt too late- I always do.

Strangely, this reminds me that the person who wrote that comment a few days ago (the one that was quite harsh- though he argues that it was 'constructive criticism'), basically responded to the comment by sending me a message on Facebook. I can only hope that the response satisfied him, and that the comments he made have been adequately confronted. This is where I leave it, though a response from him would be nice.

Exams in two weeks!!! Ahh! I basically haven't done enough work, and I need to know how my essays went before I can even begin to understand how much work I need to do. I really hope the new style I tried was alright, and the content was adequate- but somehow I doubt that. My reading have been really difficult, and basically I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm been reading Chris Tilley's concepts of Phenomenology and the landscape, and Gosden's ideology of existing in Time. I'm not even half way though first term! How am I going to cope? It's fine, I'm not stressed, but I wish I was.

Enough frivilous thoughts, I'm tired of self-evaluating. I just hope things work out. Two months until I'm back in Perth! (where I'm hoping to get some work experience at the Western Australian Museum, catching up with my friends and family). It's so strange to think that when I go back, I will actually have relatives, other than my parents and sister, living there. I mean they are very very very distant relatives, but, like it's always been in my family (or should I say extended family), that makes no difference at all. So strange- I'll be seeing my friends and family after 9 months. I've never been away from my parents for that long before.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Ethics: Bang Bang- and I'm dead.

Have you ever thought how physically easy it is to kill someone? It's just one swift movement of pushing the neck back, or just stabbing them with a sharp knife- or nowadays, it's just a bullet fired by a gun. But then, why don't we go around murdering people? Why don't we kill those who surround us? Why not just destroy everyone that annoys us?

Societal moral codes, that have been ingrained into us. We cannot kill because we have been told that it is wrong? But wrong for whom, wrong for what? And when does kill equal murder? Who makes these decisions? The government? The law? The Church? Ultimately, all our moral codes come from religious backgrounds- in India it's horrible to kill (or murder) because of the influence of Hinduism- but here, in the UK, it's perfectly acceptable, because Christianity does not condemn the death of cattle.

Immediately, any philosopher or sociologist, would ask- where do these religious morals come from? Death to those who are in our way have not always been recognised as 'murder'. Even today, when we kill those innocent civillians in Iraq "for the greater good", we only see them as collatoral damage- not victims of murder. The Iraqis, of course, don't see it like that at all. So therefore we realise that death can be taken in different ways, through different perceptions. So then, what is 'law'?

The creation of International Judicary processes, such as the International Criminal Court system- would indicate that certain laws were 'universal' in human history. But are any laws universal? In the Congo, inter-tribal wars still go on. We condemn the Holocaust, and the Rwandan Genocide- but do those who committed the crimes see them as 'evil'? Therefore, is 'murder' really a universal moral code?

It argueable then to jump, and state that numerous people would agree that 'morality' is what being human is. The differentiation between being an animal and being a human is self-control- and if we follow that stream of thought- morality. Therefore morality is a human construct, and therefore not murdering someone is a construct (perhaps for making us feel different from animals?) This is a sketchy argument, I have to agree, but I'm sure you see where I'm coming from. Is morality, and therefore not committing murder, a way of us trying to seperate ourselves from other animals (here I am going all 'John Gray')?

I don't have any answers, and am in no way supporting murder, or killing things. My own background tells me to be vegetarian, and attempt to practise Ahimsa (or non-violence)- these are my societal moral codes, and therefore I do, in no way, endorse killing other people (or animals, for that matter). However this so-called code of peace and law, is what I question- murder was just an example.

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Friday, March 31, 2006
In response to "name"...

I'm going to keep this short, sharp and sweet. Mainly because someone "Name" in the previous comments, seems really pissed off. I think it is quite easy to tell who that was, considering the writer did come from Astor Halls (you gotta love Statcounter), but nonetheless, I feel compelled to answer your questions.

Firstly, I'm not judging anyone, and I certainly hate no-one. I feel isolated due to my situation, and basically, yes, I cannot enjoy myself- I feel incapable of having fun because I am way to sellf-conscious. But I'm not judging anyone by their drinking mor drug or smoking, or whatever you want to call it - habits. I think its just a way of coping with life- which is certainly not cherries and cream, with a little sugar on top. Life is not fantastic- if it was we would not need artificial substances to take us away from reality. I am not without my own type of addiction- I use fiction or the like to escape from reality. That's probably one of the reason I don't do drugs or drink alcohol- because I know my reliance on these substances would be greater than most peoples. I am weak, and pathetic. Also, so far, I have not met a single Archaeology person who I have not liked(with, perhaps, the exception of Stig). Yes, I agree, I was judging you all initially, and I was wrong in doing so. But I don't damn people. I dislike what people do sometimes, just like I often hate the things that I do, but that doesn't mean I hate people. I see weaknesses only because they match my own.

So, dear friend, if I may call you so, please forgive me if I offended you. I have attempted to justify myself, and I hope that will aid in your understanding. Perhaps I am just a pretentious ice queen, but isn't everyone? Perhaps these 'false' morals, as you put it, are just my way of creating a facade underwhich I can feel safe.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Audience interaction?

I know that quite a few people do actually read this- most of them are just popping by, but others return. So therefore, I would ask you guys to spend a couple of minutes to do me a favour and participate in this blog.

All I ask is you leave one question, or one suggestion as a comment. If it is a question, I'll promise to answer it. If it's a suggestion, I might follow it up or I'll give you an answer as to why will not follow it up. You can leave both, if you wish. The more the merrier :)

Leave your question(s)/suggestion(s) as a comment/wish

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