Save the Environment, while you still can! Save the Environment, while you still can!

Monday, April 17, 2006
The fuzzy, sour complicated feeling of weirdness...

My cousin left for South America on Saturday, and it's been slightly weird since. I suppose you can say we became closer over the past year (probably because I spent too much time at home over the weekends), but somehow, I can't regret that. Oh, I regret the fact that I did not socialise with people in my halls because I was suffering from that awful thing called 'culture shock' added on with moving away from the security of home and my struggles with insecurity. I'm not saying that things have changed completely- I'm still terrified of people, but perhaps I just find it easier to confront these fears. I learnt too late- I always do.

Strangely, this reminds me that the person who wrote that comment a few days ago (the one that was quite harsh- though he argues that it was 'constructive criticism'), basically responded to the comment by sending me a message on Facebook. I can only hope that the response satisfied him, and that the comments he made have been adequately confronted. This is where I leave it, though a response from him would be nice.

Exams in two weeks!!! Ahh! I basically haven't done enough work, and I need to know how my essays went before I can even begin to understand how much work I need to do. I really hope the new style I tried was alright, and the content was adequate- but somehow I doubt that. My reading have been really difficult, and basically I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm been reading Chris Tilley's concepts of Phenomenology and the landscape, and Gosden's ideology of existing in Time. I'm not even half way though first term! How am I going to cope? It's fine, I'm not stressed, but I wish I was.

Enough frivilous thoughts, I'm tired of self-evaluating. I just hope things work out. Two months until I'm back in Perth! (where I'm hoping to get some work experience at the Western Australian Museum, catching up with my friends and family). It's so strange to think that when I go back, I will actually have relatives, other than my parents and sister, living there. I mean they are very very very distant relatives, but, like it's always been in my family (or should I say extended family), that makes no difference at all. So strange- I'll be seeing my friends and family after 9 months. I've never been away from my parents for that long before.

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April 18, 2006   11:25 AM PDT
Can't wait to see you again. Hope to be able to catch up with you quite a lot before you leave. Goodluck for you exams and i hope your studying for them goes well. I hope your assesment marks come back decent as well. *hugs*

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